Are YOU Still Struggling To Get Your Prospects to Say YES?

What Would It Be Worth To You To Discover How To At LEAST TRIPLE Your Closing Ratio With Your Prospects?

If You're Frustrated Over NOT Getting a Positive Response From Prospects - Pay Close Attention!

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Are You Ready To Exponentially Increase Your Closing Ratio?

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MLM Training - The Secrets of Super Successful Closing in MLM Prospecting

Close Your Prospects Webinar & Video Training Series

MLM Training - How To Close Your MLM Prospects Webinar by Doug Firebaugh

Taking Your Closing To The Next Level

Dear Friend,

 Doug Firebaugh MLM Trainer on Prospecting and Closing Your Prospects

Are you Tired of Prospects Telling You NO?

I can relate.

I used to BE THERE! I struggled for 3 years trying to get prospects to say YES, but all I heard was NO!


But something happened along the way….I discovered some unique and extremely powerful ways to “Close” prospects that had never been taught before — and after teaching our home business team these “closes,” that created an EXPLOSION of ongoing success not only for our worldwide home business, but also traditional businesses that I consulted with as well!

I have taught over 100,000 people around the world how to “close” their prospects using a great and powerful Closing strategy called “Magnetic Closing” and I have closed personally as well as with my team, well over 25,000 prospects over a 26 year career.

That is why we are launching the “Close Your Prospects Mastery Webinar” on Thursday Night August 23rd, at 8 PM EST and I am doing this webinar with some help from very special guest Christopher Dittemore, a “Closing Powerhouse” marketer!

The truth is that your ability to close will always determine how fast you succeed no matter the business you own or the sales and marketing you are in. And here’s why… one of the most powerful things you can add to your business is powerful marketing. However, if you’re not making a steady profit with your marketing budget, you CAN’T keep your marketing turned on and working for your business!

In fact, if you’re doing any type of sales whether it is direct sales or traditional, at all (even to local business owners) you’re going to want to experience this one of a kind, business transforming, cutting-edge closing training –for offline AND online.

Remember THIS: Your ability to command checks at will – will always determine how fast your home business (or traditional business) grows.

That’s why we’ve left nothing out…

To get to the NEXT LEVEL sometimes you need to bring in a NEXT LEVEL Coach. Doug Firebaugh and his Power Team of  coaches can help you get there.

His name is Doug Firebaugh and has been in our profession for over 25 years. He not only has a Billion Dollar success story, he has worked with billion dollar companies helping them to get beyond their barriers, and he wants to help YOU get to a point where your business is dominating the growth of your company!

Among many powerful business building strategies revealed in this Live Webinar and Members Only training series, we will learn how to get on a Closing Roll that will change the face of your business!

There are thousands of people looking for you and a way out for a better life!

What if you could be taught how to be able to Recruit QUICKLY – ANYWHERE, with ANYONE and ANYTIME?

What if you could take a list of targeted prospects and the Right Prospecting Language and know EXACTLY what to SAY to them to move them into your Closing Zone? Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on scripts and tactics that are already proven to recruit tens of thousands of people?

Here's what you're getting...

In this ONE OF A KIND Closing Mastery program you will discover:

    • How to Triple Your Closing Ratio

    • Psychology of Closing The Prospect
    • The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made in Closing Prospects

    • The 4 Laws of Closing your Prospect

    • The 5 Most Powerful Words in Closing

    • How to Close your Prospect Over the Phone

    • How to Close Your Prospect in Social Media

    • How to Close Your Prospect in a One On One Meeting.

    • How to Close Your Prospect on a Webinar.

    • How to Close Your Prospect on a Mobile.

    • How to Close Your Prospect on a Conference Call.

    • The Most Powerful One Word Close.

    • The “No Close” Close.

    • How to get the Prospect to CLOSE THEMSELVES.

    • The 4 Step Process of Closing ANYONE!

    • Top 10 Most DEADLY Closing Questions!

    • Plus SO MUCH MORE!!!

Fast Action Bonuses!

Close Your Prospects Bonus Videos by Doug Firebaugh

First 100 Get Instant Access to 18 Bonus Videos on Prospecting!

Facebook Marketing For Business
Facebook Marketing For Business Ebook

MLM Training - The Ten Commandments of Closing Your MLM Prospect by Doug Firebaugh

The Ten Commandments of Closing Your Prospects MP3 Audio

To register click the link below and Discover How to Exponentially Increase Your Closing Ratio Beyond Anything You’ve Experienced Before!

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